Gemma van der Zee


Should you be interested in commissioning a painted portrait of yourself or of one of your loved ones, please contact me on my cell Phone, the number of which you will find below.

The procedure will be such, that I shall first take some photographs of the person in question, on the basis of which I will paint the portrait. I prefer to make these photos myself, as this gives me the opportunity to get to know the person in more detail. In that way I get a chance to capture some of the gestures and expressions that allows me to create a more “soulful” painting. 

The total time required to accomplish the painting will be approximately 4 weeks. I will paint the portraits with acryl on canvas or with pastel, depending on your preference.

The price for the portrait starts with 600 € and may vary, depending on your requirements.


For more information please contact:

Gemma van der Zee

06 50518019